All repairs are carried out in our workshop at our Brighton store by Woody‘s owner.

Repairs and Set Ups

All work is carried out by woody’s owner and luthier, David Hardwick. Here is a selection of the services we offer and a guide to our prices.

Guitars Set ups

Our setups include setting the action by adjusting the neck, nut and saddle(s) as necessary, setting the intonation, cleaning and polishing the frets, cleaning and conditioning the fingerboard and, on electric instruments, cleaning the potentiometers and switches.

Acoustic guitar £45
Electric guitar/bass £50

*prices not including strings

Installing Bone NUT

Bone is a much harder material than the plastics used on many instruments and this helps to improve tone and sustain. We hand cut our bone nuts and saddles to fit your instrument precisely.

Installing Bone Nut £35

Fret level and dressing

Over time frets start to wear, They will flatten unevenly and develop divots causing the strings to buzz. 

Fret level and dressing £80

Pickup installation

We stock and recommend K&K pickups. These passive transducer pickups fit internally onto the guitars bridge plate and, as well as adding very little colouration.

Pickup installation on electric instruments from £25

Acoustic instruments including K&K pickup £160

Rewire of electric components

A great way to enhance or customise your sound.

Rewires from £35 + parts

Other Repairs

  • Re-string from £20 including new strings 
  • Pot replacement £20
  • New jack socket replacement £20
  • Installing new machine heads £25 + parts

Price on Request

Meet David Hardwick

All repairs are carried out in our workshop at our Brighton store by Woody‘s owner and experienced luthier David Hardwick.

We undertake complete restorations of older instruments and will be happy to advise you on the cost and viability of such work.


My favourite guitar man in Brighton by far.... whose shop, despite my best intentions otherwise, I simply can't resist visiting whenever I'm in the 'hood. I guess I'll just have to get a room extension added.
- Patrick
Fantastic service here. Had my home-built banjo adjusted and set up which required some fairly extensive structural work and Dave was really helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. His rates are fair and I trusted him. Would highly recommend.
- Charlie
By a distance the most competent and knowlegeable guitar tech I have ever dealt with....always helpful..great turn quality work and good rates....and a really nice guy!
- Nicholas